The Kai (or correctly spelled ‘Kei’) Islands are located on the Southern Maluku Area in South-East-Indonesia and surrounded by Banda Sea, Arafura Sea and Timor Sea.

Kei Kecil where we are located is mostly Christian area. On Kei Kecil, Kei Besar and Dullah you’ll find a mix of 45% Catholics, 30% Protestants and 25% Muslim – and there is also an ancient Balinese Hindu minority.

Although the Maluku area get famous for spices like nut meg and cinnamon the Kei Islands never made it up to become famous. Nor for spices nor as a travel destination.

More than 80% of the local people are working in the public sector, there’s also a little bit fishery, farming and seaweed- and pearl-farming.

Climate is mild, humidity is not as steamy like in other tropical areas. April until September normally constantly wind from East, October until March wind from West, so there’s always a little breeze. January and February sometimes strong winds with a lot of rain.

The whole area is a hidden gem. Indonesian-wise is easy to acces (which means only you arrive the same day you started, it doesn’t mean travelling in Indonesia is easy) but still not touristic developed.

As an experienced Indonesian traveller you know that there will be a bunch of friendly and courious people, always friendly and smiling but also a lot of ‘Hello, Mister!’

None of the facilities here meet Western standards – expect cold water with mandi-shower (small bucket which you empty above your head), no flush toilet, colourful bed sheets and a lot of noise everywhere. There is local food and no fancy alcohol, except beer and a local thing called ‘sopi’.

Also you’re travelling a Christian area please dress properly when you do excursions or want to go to the town of Langgur and Tual which are connected by a bridge.

You can’t expect to lay down at the beach in a Bikini without drawing attention (except the area around Coaster Cottages, it’s a little bit protected and the local staff is used to this).

Don’t expect that everything happens just in time neither your driver nor you food will be punctual – but if you stay relaxed and enjoy the scenery this is one of the best and most beautiful areas in Indonesia with fanatstic empty beaches and a breathtaking underwater world.

Enjoy your stay! Selamat datang!