what to do if you wanna stay one day out of the water?

beach – beach – and even more beach

Kei has wunderful white powdery sand and turquoise water to plunge or (with hight tide) swim. If you love to be in the water you can also snorkel out around 15 min to the drop-off, amazing coral garden

Pasir Panjang

kilometers long sandy beach where our dive center is located in the South of this beach. Look for the small village of Ohoilillir and further up North Coaster Cottage. Walks, sun bathing, astonishing  sun sets… just relax and do nothing, perfect spot!

At Savanna Cottage located in Ohoidertahun (or Ohoidertawun) you can walk out while low tide very far, no water left. then you can visit a cave with ancient drawings. Be back before high tide! You’ll find some funny facilities like a swing or a slack-line there in water.

You’ll find another amazing beach further South: Matwaer Beach close to the village of Ohoidertutu, best to reach by scooter or ojek – long ride, start early.

Goa Hawang

Behind Debut in direction of Evu you’ll find the amazing cave Goa Hawang with a chilly fresh water pool. At Evu you’ll find the only water fall of this island. Some and maybe more impressive on Kei Besar. Worth a visit!

Secreet lagoon

This lagoon (Ngilgnof Teluk) best to reach by boat or a long walk. More infos about this at your homestay.

Boot Trips:

Snake Island/ Pulau Ngurtafur

If your lucky you’ll spot Pelicanes. Best season March to April. The name snake island is from the shape of the dune/beach – so no reason to be scared.

Pulau Bair

Correct name is Pulau Baeer but nobody knows, so Bair it is. Beautiful lime stone landscape definitly one of the highlights here! The locals promote this trip as ‘little Raja Ampat’ – well, it’s not but it got definitly it’s own beauty and don’t have to hide.
Chrystal clear water, little channels, steep cliffs and beautiful sand beaches. On the way out and back you’ll pass some good snorkel spots.
We offer this day-trip for 2 dives without any additional fee but you have to do minimum one check dive before with us (minimum certification level AOW) .

Kei Besar

Our big sister, mountains, jungle and hardly developed, either you go over by the public ferries or speed ferries, a few times daily. There are no homestays or accomodations at the moment. Some travellers spent a night in a Catholic House. Waterfalls! A lot! High! Impressive! Also good area for bird-watching!
We do explorer dives there on a day-trip base offering 2 dives without any additional fee. Minimum 100 dives experience, you have to do check dive here before! Steep walls, ripping currents! Sounds good? YEAH!

Island hopping

More than 200 island in this archipelago – for sure they’re worth a visit!.
They are different combinations available just ask at your place where you stay. Ask for duration! Sun blocker, drinking water, lunch paket and snorkel gear might be a good idea. From 500.000 IDR onwards

Langgur und Tual

Two towns connected by a bridge – Langgur more Christian, Tual more Muslim but it’s not as strict seperated as you might expect in Maluku area – you’ll find Mosques in the Christian part and vice versa.
Both cities have fresh markets for fish and fruits and amazing fast 4G LTE internet.
Tual’s market area and the little streets around there are quit atmospheric and authentic and in a way typical Indonesia. Might be loud and stinky but also beautiful and for sure not boring.
In Langgur and Tual you’ll find a lot of  Warungs, cheap local Restaurants, sometimes also called Rumah Makan. Try out Beef Rendang and of course chicken, fish, local vegetables and served with -surprise, suprise- rice. Very tasty, more cheap and more spicy then at your homestays.
At Gota in Langgur, Kei’s only super market, you’ll find a typical selection of Indonesian goods, good enough to buy some cookies, sun cream, soap and other traveller needs.