Where and how

Where and how

We have an newly built airport here which is around 20 km away from our Dive Center. You get daily connections flights from Ambon with Lion Air, Garuda and Sriwijaya.
Direct flights from Jakarta and Bali to Langgur (LUV) are planned for the future

It was planned to start this flights in October 2017 but it didn’t happened. The local government ist working with the aviation companies to start this soonish. We’ll keep you updated!

At the moment arriving from Jakarta takes you around 12h (there’s a plus 2h time zone shift) and 10h from Bali (there’s a plus 1h time zone shift).
On the way back the connection flights are more convenient, starting here 5.50am you’ll landing in Bali 10.30am or Jakarta 11.40am.
We have actual information for our guests about schedules, prices, Visa stuff, etc – just drop us a mail…

If you arrive here we can organize a driver for you from the airport for 220.ooo IDR but you can also try to get a better price by yourself if you arrive.

You’re travelling in a very remote undeveloped area in South-East-Indonesia – that doesn’t mean it’s cheap!
Be prepared to get high prices for transportation, accomodation and food – that’s normal in Maluku area.
Although our Dive Center is located in a Christian village you’re still travelling a muslim country!
Be proper dressed and respectful and polite to have an amazing travel experience.

For long-time-travellers which have to do a visa-on-arrival (VOA) extension for the 60-days-VOA
(which you have to pay at arrival – there’ll be special counter, 30-days-VOA free of charge):
We have a very helpful friendly Immigration office here, they will help you.

Please dress properly and conservativ if you visit the immigration office: Shoulders and Knees have to be covered and flip-flops are not allowed! So best long trousers and proper shoes.



Get around

You can rent a scooter (50.ooo to 100.ooo IDR per day – for cities you need a helmet and might be asked for driving license and valid motorbike papers – most officers don’t speak English so you might get away but don’t count on it), a car with driver (around 500.ooo IDR per day) or drive with a Bemo (local mini-minibus) for 350.ooo IDR per day.

Cheapest way is go around with an Ojek (local scooter taxi)