We will not accept any of your waste!

more than 300 millions tons of plastic are produced every teary.

10-15% of this products end up in our oceans.

Indonesia is worldwide fourth biggest polluter of the world with plastic.
There is NO waste management on any of more than Islands in Indonesia.

SO, very sorry, we will not accept ANY of you waste in our dive center!

Sounds harsh? Really? Just don’t buy this products 😉
Paper, metal, PET bottles and aluminium cans are welcome – we can recycle it.

If you bring batteries to here and you love our planet : Please bring them back home – they will be drowned or burned here…

Yes, we live in paradise – and we want to preserve it!
If you dive with us, you’ll love it how it is 🙂 And you don’t wanna have any change in a bad way! Promise

We have some ideas to improve things here:
We wanna go to schools and local communities and initiate projects for avoiding plastic waste, sustainable fishery, protection of leatherback turtles, and educate the local youth here to become responsible and aware dive guides. We can provide the knowledge but we have to look for acceptance by the locals.

We want to establish a reef survey program with the already active LIPI (Indonesian reef conservation project) and WWF (already active to establish an Leatherback Turtle Conservation project). We would like to sponsor minimum 10 of these guys to survey the reefs regularly with the Programm (Eco Diver).

But with all our ideas and enthusiasm we still in Indonesia – so maybe take a while – but we are on to it.