COVID-19 Update

Indonesia is still closed to tourists.
There are rumors that Bali will open soon for tourists.
Honestly: these rumors and announcements are around since April 2020 and still there is no officially ironed announcement.
IOHO opening Indonesia to foreigners shouldn’t be the highest priority or your biggest concern.

Millions of people are still not vaccinated in Indonesia, millions of people are suffering by a lack of public health care and a catastrophic economical situation. Thinking that opening a country with most unvaccinated people for tourists to heal the economical disasters of the last years is Western-style post-colonial short-thinking egoism of western people which “suffered” from the travel ban the last months and wish to get back there pre-Covid-normality, ignoring that all countries of SEA are trying to define a ‘new normal’ because there will no way back to the pre-Covid-pandemic state in these countries.

Therefore we decided to shut down our company because we think there is no responsible travelling in Indonesia in the next years without endangering the people in Indonesia.

We lost everything due this pandemic, our house, our company, our dogs and cats, our home and our safety. But hey, diving tourism is right now not the biggest concern of our suffering planet.

This website will go offline on 7th December 2021 but you’ll still find us on facebook.

To all our guests and friends who made our time unforgettable and a happy milestone in our lives a very big THANK YOU ALL! We will always keep you in our hearts!