Yes, we operate profit-orientated but in a very different way that you probably experienced.

You maybe think, if you check our prices, we’re might be a little ‚expensive‘ – we’re not!

Here’s the thing:
We try out something which no other dive center did so far in Indonesia, as far as we know:
We directly support the existing ‚micro business‘ on this island!
No own boat, no own car, no own accommodation, no restaurant or bar.

Normally dive centers and dive resorts have a business model which is based on maximum accumulation: setting up a complete autonomous infrastructure helps you creating maximum profits and generating only a few jobs for the locals.
Example for this island here: We could easily ‚create‘ 20 to 30 jobs for a dive center / resort / restaurant combination – but that’s it.
We want to develop the already existing business infrastructure here and let the locals directly participate from our business development.
Through this we can support much more than ‚only‘ 20 employees, we can develop a whole area, and, if every things goes right, we can steer the process together with the locals is a good way:
organic food, sustainable economy, improving English as common business language, etc.
We want to make them grow in a reflective, responsible way.
Nobody tried that before and there are many many reasons, don’t even to try it this way.
But we’re the first ‚Western operator‘ here and we want to do it it in a very good way from the start.
If we have success we can avoid developments like South-Thailand or the area around Bali:
Everything is commission based, local want to get rich without working, atmosphere is defined by greediness, and no one is happy.
Let’s try a different way:
We pay the drivers and the captains directly!
Transportation and boat rent are horrible expensive here but it’s a remote area, so what to do?
We try to optimize our prizing every trip we do and make the locals understand that a cheap price every day generates more money then over-charging the guest one time…

We start like this with a directly share from more then 85% of the price you pay.
If we make bad experiences or the driver/captain is delayed repeatedly – we try different!
But at the moment we give it a shot – it would be just amazing, if this unique model would be successful!

So you don’t pay only for the diving – you pay for the developmentt of a whole area in a hopefully long-term sustainable and responsible way.

Please understand:
Because of this very special business model it’s absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to bargain – you can try and waste your and our time – but it is USELESS!

You’ll get a discount if you do dive packages (see price list ‚fun dives‘)

You get a 30% discount with complete own equipment as an ACTIVE dive professional in South-East-Asia (we know you earn only a Dollar per hour and you’re working very hard and you still love what you’re doing!)

In General:
Diving with us is more a donation in a controlled nice development in this area here than making us ‚rich‘.

We’re sure you understand and support this unique idea.