We want to become the first emission-free dive center of the world in 10 years!
We have some ideas how we can go there but it’s very very difficult!
We will track all our progress (and backstops) online.

If you have any advices or ideas or you’re a student for climate, marine biology, logistics and transportation, sustainable energy or or or - please contact us!
If you want to establish a project for waste management, water management, carbonate-neutral-footprint, ecological backpack - contact us!
If you invented the first pollution free, non-oil-based-outborder - contact use!
If you a material designer, who invented sustainable non-oil-based wetsuit for divers - contact us!
If you read this as a leading manager from one of the biggest dive equipment producer - contact us!

We have big goals for the next 10 years!

We scuba divers are more then 20 milions certified diving people worldwide - some of us can proof the decreasing of healthy coral reefs and a healthy shark population in the last 20 years.
I don’t want to throw up numbers or getting too pessimistic, but old-school divers know in earlier times the reefs were more healthy and there were much more sharks then today.

Stop moaning!
We’re ambitious!

We want to become the first carbonate dioxide - free dive center of the world!!
Already another one existing? Contact us!
We want to learn and know and share…
We want to implant a revolutionary way of developing dive equipment!

Sounds like hippie shit?
Yes, so what?

As a certified experienced diver diving already the whole planet you made three big discoveries on your very own:

1. All diving boats are driven by oil based products
2. All dive equipment from every brand is made from oil based products
3. All under water (and on surface) pollution is caused by oil based products
(OK this is mean, because you’re on holiday and don’t wanna be lectured:
4. All traveling is made by oil based products)

What divers hate most in the world?
POLLUTION BY OIL BASED PRODUCTS - or even worse by oil contamination itself!

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want to instruct someone how to live in a Western developed country - we only want to tell you that we are sensitive and desperately looking for solutions.
Cooperations with universities, companies or people with private motivation are more then welcome!!!!!

We’re deeply looking for partnerships which make our dream come true: pollution free diving!

You maybe heard about the concepts of Ecological Backpack or Ecological Footprint (which are completely different) - and both will not help us for several reasons.

We don’t wanna make you feel bad about traveling and enjoying your time here with us in one of the last unexplored underwater areas of our planet - we just wanna tell you that we care! And we care a lot!

We’ll establish in 2017 thanks to the tremendous support of Mareike from luminocean in Banda Neira the first scientific based reef survey in our area (lot of work, maybe more than 300 islands) based on a reef survey scheme from reefcheck.org THX!!!!

We will cooperate with WWF (leatherback turtle conservation project) and LIPI (Indonesian reef conservation organization).

Please support us to make our dream come true: www.oil-free-diving.com

We’re looking for ideas from private persons, NGOs, NPOs, boat engine and motor producers, dive equipment producers -
let’s get sensitive, creative, productive and VIRAL!

crowd funding projects are more than welcome!

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