Annoyed by diving in big groups with big boats with mixed experience level?

We deeply understand that - that why we do it different!

Had the experience being a rescue diver or dive master ‚Oh then you can dive with these freshly certified open water divers, and please take care for them and pay the full price of course‘?

Not with us! Promise!

With our very special concept about how we organize our dives (see ‚diving‘) there will be not more than 4 guests on the boat. We don’t mix students and divers with different experience levels just to maximize our profit.

You love diving, you worked the whole year for diving holidays - so you get the best service possible!
Per boat 4 guests and one guide!
Every one who wanna do a diving course with us, might it a thrilled beginner or an ambitious rescue student - get separate boats.

Puts away the stress from the students and we don’t have to make a fair ‚compromise‘ choosing a dive site which is ‚really good‘ for open water 3 and 4 and 'even better' for a group of instructors within more than 2000 dives on their back

Yes, that’s might by not efficient for us - but you deserve it!

You don’t earn a lot of money as an active dive professional in S-E-Asia - but you love diving? You'll get discount here! Massive!
If you have to pay for diving - you wanna have good dives - no compromises - yes, we understand :D

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