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After some confusion we finally launched our new website. Your feedback is appreciated!

Thx 2 Volker for pushing us in the right direction and never gave up <3

2 thoughts on “New website online”

  1. Dear all at Kei Pirate Divers,
    I would like to ask if there are vacancies at your resort anytime over February or similar. I have a PADI rescue diver qualification and some specialty courses but am interested in more courses such as underwater naturalist as well as more fun dives.
    Thank you very much for any information you can send me.
    Ben Walters

  2. Hi Janosch & Eva,

    First of all congratulations on your dive resort – I have been to Kei quite a few times since 2007 so I know what a challenge things may be like there.
    I am heading back later this year and my main reason has always been the leatherback turtles, last year I was there on a liveaboard for 18 days searching for them down near Ohoideertutu village. The pics from last year can be seen here;

    I also did a number of dives to try and see if there were any jellyfish down deep as the main thing I want to document is the feeding behaviour. There are some great sea mounts further south, plenty of sea snakes and morays etc – I’m sure you are fully aware of that.
    I have been told the jellyfish numbers are at the greatest around July so I wondered if you have also experienced that? Apparently the winds and sea conditions are too rough at that time so they don’t go out fishing but it could be the leatherbacks are already in the area. I was thinking of coming over in July to check it out and would like to know if you go down south where Ohoideertutu is?

    We gained the trust of the chief last year (we also stayed in his house back in 2008) and so we are planning to conduct talks at the schools in November about the leatherbacks, its going to take a long time to change their views on hunting but gradually it will hopefully stop. Just wondered if you would like to be involved in something like that?

    Ok enough from me for now, all the best,


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