Hello, interested people!

Love in-water-activities? Can’t get out of the water while snorkeling? Love to swim?
We'll show you an even better thing :D PSSST! It*s a secret! Can’t tell you…

Seriously, I was swimming and snorkeling in the open sea since I was 3 years and then another 36 years - and didn’t missed a thing!
I was end of 30ies, when an annoying friend was dancing around me for 2 days ‚you have to try diving, you have to try diving‘. After 2 days I told her: ‚Shut up, I’ll do the try dive and then leave me alone‘

BE AWARE! Diving makes highly addictive, happy, tired, hungry and a little bit stupid (in a very nice way ;) )

So after we did the try dive, we did the Open Water, we did the Advanced, one year later we did Rescue and DiveMaster and I become Instructor right away.

Again: WARNING! Diving can change your life!

Ready? Appreciated!

If you don’t know, if you like diving (and how should you know ;) ) you can do a ‚try scuba diving‘ or ‚introduction dive‘ or ‚DSD (discover scuba diving)‘ with us.
If you like it and wanna become a certified diver (first level: ‚Open Water Diver‘) with us you don’t have to pay for the ‚try dive‘.
You’ll get a proper briefing with a little bit theory and do some underwater skills in a depths from 1.5m to 3m and if you master this 3 basic skills: Welcome to your first breath under water!

General prerequisites:
* Medical statement and ASSUMPTION OF RISK AGREEMENT (signed by yourself)
* Liability release and standard of safe diving (signed by yourself)
No worries, we’ll explain all this forms and their meaning before signing - and yes, this forms are available in your mother language (except Indian and Chinese)

If you would like to continue open Water Level and beyond:
* You have to do a swim test!
(Exception: PADI Scuba Diver: You’re allowed to dive with this certification level only with a Dive Professional and maximum depth is 12m)
* You’re willing to read the complete course book by yourself and answer all the question and quizzes from the course book
* You have to do the final examination and pass the test (easy if you answer all the questions in the book and cooperate through this process with your Instructor in a good way :D )

Easy! And you will be proud! And happy! And self-confident! And you’ll get the privilege  to discover the other 70% of our planet! In one of the best places for scuba diving on our planet :D

Sounds great? It is! Try it out!

Maximum group size: 4 students per course
minimum experience level of your Instructors: more than 200 certifications, more than 1.200 dives!
Languages: English/German/ Bahasa Indonesia (saja Intro dan Open Water)

You’ll find absolutely perfect conditions for your first under water breathing experience here - we were looking for a place like this for more than 6 years in all S-E-A-area! Easy, safe, comfortable, no currents, good visibilty - and absolutely amazing! If you start diving here, you’ll be spoiled for the rest of your life - promise :D

And of course we offer the full range of any doable course here (no cave / ice / wreck / dry suit diving - we don't have caves, ice, wrecks or cold water diving here around :) ), we are a SSI Dive Center but our Instructors are also PADI members so also PADI courses are available. AOWD / Rescue / EFR / Nitrox / PADI Divemaster / SSI Science of Diving / SSI Dive Guide and many specialties will improve your diving skills and knowledge - just mail us for your individual request

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