We found this place in August 2016 after traveling and working for more than 6 years in Thailand, Burma, Malaysia and Indonesia!

We developed many, many criterias to find the right spot to open our own dive business - our criteria list was sophisticated, so it was impossible to get a 100% match, but here we’re getting really close!

10h from Jakarta
7h from Bali
3 daily flight connections both ways
Direct flights from and to Jakarta and Bali from October 2017 on

completely unexplored diving area with the most healthy coral reefs with an enormous biodiversity
(proof us: we worked from Pulau Weh to Raja Ampat but this IS amazing here!)

Very unique topography here - nothing to compare!
Normally you’ll find ‚slope‘. ‚wall‘, ‚channel‘ etc - here it is completely different - and unique!

We decided to start our project in a very specific way (see ‚our concept‘).
We love diving!
We love to share our passion for curious beginners!
We love to introduce experienced and open-minded people into the ‚silent‘ beauty of under water life here!
And we want to share some of our income with all the lovely, friendly and interested locals.
They’re not professional like in touristic areas like South-Thailand or Bali - but they are not greedy and they are genuine and family based - and so we are - We share most of our profit directly with the local families, hoping they grow and develop and getting more and more professional in future (don’t expect too much right now ;) ) feel like an Explorer on land and under water - which you are)

Diving with us is not making ‚expats‘ ‚rich‘ - diving with us is to start an amazing project where the locals directly participate from our diving business in a direct way. And we want to use this structure to establish and steer sustainable and long-term ecological development.
Maybe bullshit - but maybe success - as far as we know: nobody tried that before!

So as our guest feel like an Explorer in two ways:
Under water we can show you some spots where probably no one dived before!
On land you’ll meet nice and friendly people with great hospitality, no english, and a lot of things to improve - might it be cleanliness or punctuality or food - but they are so motivated and friendly that they will stay in your heart forever!

And, yes, they are two home-stays here with more than 20 years of experience and English-speaking staff - but don’t expect too much. Far away from Bali professional touristic level - but also far away from Bali mass tourism :D

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